Rina Palumbo



Orange County Press Club First Place award for Best Podcast (Jun 30, 2022)

2014 SouthWest Writers Annual Writing Competition – First Place, Mainstream/Literary Short Story (for Aviculture)

Live Interviews

Janelle Brown at Susi Q Community Center, Laguna Beach (Jun 6, 2023)

Katie Porter at Laguna Beach Books (Apr 30, 2023)

Susan Straight at Susi Q Community Center, Laguna Beach (Mar 29, 2023)

Sadeqa Johnson at Costa Mesa Donald Dungan Library (Feb 23, 2023)

Robert Olen Butler at Miami Book Fair (Nov 17, 2021)

Michelle Zauner (Sep 2, 2021)

Dr. Lucy Jones at NEA Big Read (May 20, 2021)

Kaira Rouda at Laguna Beach Books (May 7, 2021)

Lori Gottlieb at NEA Big Read (May 6, 2021)

Robin Wall Kimmerer at NEA Big Read (Apr 15, 2021)

In Conversation: Harlan Coben (Apr 7, 2021)

Jennifer Ackerman at NEA Big Read (Mar 11, 2021)

Sue Miller at Laguna Beach Books (VIDEO) (Sep 11, 2020)

Louise Erdrich at Laguna Beach Books (VIDEO) (May 15 2020)

Abbi Waxman at Costa Mesa Women’s Club (Oct 20, 2019)

Janeane Bernstein at Barnes and Noble Newport Beach (Aug 4, 2019)

John Hart at Laguna Beach Books (PHOTOS) (Jun 2, 2016)

Elizabeth George at Laguna Beach Books (PHOTOS) (Nov 1, 2015)

Panel Discussions

The Big One (Jan 21, 2023) (hosted by the Laguna Art Museum, with panelists Deborah Young, Charlotte Young, and Eric Johnson, about the life and work of Robert Young)

Public Art in Laguna Beach (Jun 4, 2022) (hosted by the Laguna Art Museum, with panelists Gerard Basil Stripling, Casey Parlette, Siân Poeschl, and Adam Schwerner)

The Poetics of Space (Dec 4, 2021) (hosted by the Laguna Art Museum, with panelists Jacques Garnier and Anders Lasater)

Family Ties (Apr 6, 2019) (with Literary Orange panelists Julie Clark, Amy Meyerson, and Lydia Fitzpatrick)

Family Secrets (Apr 7, 2018) (with Literary Orange panelists Janelle Brown, Nova Jacobs, and Abbi Waxman)

Home Truths (Apr 1, 2017) (with Literary Orange panelists Stephen Metcalfe, Taylor Jenkins Reid, and Steven Rowley)

What Remains (Apr 2, 2016) (with Literary Orange panelists Sejal Badani, Laura Nicole Diamond, Jan Ellison, and Gwendolyn Womack)

Life Happens (Apr 11, 2015) (with Literary Orange panelists Janelle Brown, Suzanne Greenberg, Christopher Noxon, and Kate Rorick)

Outside Looking In (Apr 5, 2014) (with Literary Orange panelists Caroline Leavitt, Nicole Mones, and Dora Levy Mossanen)

The Human Comedy (Apr 9, 2011) (with Literary Orange panelists Amy Alkon and Laurie Perry)

Something to Talk About (Apr 10, 2010) (with Literary Orange panelists Michelle Huneven, Merrill Markoe, and Nina Revoyr)


Reading of Aviculture at 150th anniversary celebration of Reed Magazine at San Jose State University (Sep 22, 2017)


The Art of the Short Story, Susi Q Community Center, Laguna Beach (Sep-Nov, 2022)

The Art of the Short Story, Writing Workshop Series, Laguna Beach (Oct 19, 2018)

Workshop Participation

Tin House (Portland) (Jul 2016)

One Story (New York City) (Jul 2015)

Mary Rakow workshops (2004-2006)

Barbara DeMarco-Barrett workshops (2003-present)

Jim Krusoe (Santa Monica College) (2002)